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Body Glide is of a waxy consistency rather than liquid/gel and comes in a handy stick-type dispenser (like some antiperspirants). The obvious advantage of this is the cleanliness of application and zero risk of it leaking in your car/kit bag and ruining all your clothes or carpets. The downside of the stick is that liberal application inside the suit isn’t so easy, although once on, it provides a good thick barrier that doesn’t shift with plain water.

Putting a factor 25 sunscreen into the mix for good measure is a great idea and eliminates the need to use, and carry, extra products on a sizzling hot day.

Body Glide is perhaps not the best out-and-out wetsuit lube. But as a useful product for triathletes needing blister/chafing protection for both running and biking, it’s a handy little product to have. 


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