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This oil, which comes in a swishy 500ml pump dispenser, has a really high quality feel to it. It comes out of the dispenser as thin as the other oils on test, but gets thicker as you work with it.

The smell was a definite winner with us – it’s reminiscent of a rugby changing room, which should help you to get fired up. And there’s a gentle warming sensation felt on the skin as it’s applied, but it stops short of the higher temperature feel you get from the Perskindol lotion.

If you’re actually trying to get into any knots or trigger points, though, this is where the product falls down a little. It’s more difficult to pick up the skin than with the other oils. Working on the calves can feel rather like you’re trying to compress a bar of soap with wet hands. But, as an oil for a general warm-up, it’s one of the best we’ve tested.


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