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18/11/2019 at 15:27

Hi all.

With the Norseman and Celtman draws finalised for 2020 I guess there are a lot more disappointed people out there. Just writing to let you all know about an alternative Extreme Ironman, which is run in Norway in the Stavanger region. This year it's in June, so as well as being an alternative that doesn't take over the summer, it is also a good training exercise for those undertaking Norseman (participants and support).

The race is extremely friendly, scenery rivals Norseman, the swim is something else and the first climbing part of the bike is featured in probably all those memes you see on how beautiful Norway is.

Logistics wise it is a lot easier than Norseman too, with the start a couple of scenic hours from Stavanger airport, and the finish being 10mins from Stavanger airport and Stavanger city centre.

It'll be my 3rd year as a participant, I have no share in the race, I just love it and will always find a way to fit it in my calendar 


Please feel free with any questions! 



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12/07/2019 at 12:24

Really outstanding achievement completing that! Did he do the Bob under the Bob rules?  Not that it matters, just curious

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01/03/2019 at 20:10
Hi guys, anyone any idea what is going on with the Triathlon X / Wasdale X website? I???m trying to enter the full this year and the website is down. see conversation

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