Cycling: How to improve your cadence this off season

Get your off-season off to the best start by working on your cadence while also aiding recovery
13 November 2019 at 10:11

How to build a solid cycling base in three easy steps

This session will improve your power transfer and overall fitness to set yourself up for a strong off-season
08 November 2019 at 12:30

10 cycling tips from some of tri's best cyclists and coaches

Want to improve your bike leg? Here is some advice from some of the best cyclists and coaches in triathlon, including Daniela Ryf, Jonny Brownlee, Chrissie Wellington and Sebastian Kienle
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Bike training: How to improve your acceleration

It’s time to get familiar with microbursts! They’ll boost key muscles and make you faster
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What is a bike chain gang training session?

Heard a lot of the pros, including the Brownlees, talk about chain gang training, but don't know what it is and whether it can help you? Matt Baird explains how it works, the chain gang cycling technique, and how this type of session can help you improve your cycling skills
17 May 2019 at 10:03

What muscles do you use and tone when cycling?

Nick Beer explains the different muscles cycling uses and tones
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Bike session: Get your gears right to race faster

Nail your pedalling efficiency with this session from Matt Bottrill to improve race-day performance
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Cycling speed versus wattage calculator: how much power do you need to reach your target speed?

Got a certain time in mind for your A-race bike leg and want to know if it's possible to calculate how many watts you need to produce to maintain the speed? Nik Cook explains all you need to know
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Mountain biking versus road cycling: Which is best for developing bike speed and strength?

Nik Cook explains the benefits of mountain biking versus road cycling for those looking to develop speed and strength
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What is turbo training?

Matt Baird explains what turbo training is and its advantages and disadvantages
18 March 2019 at 11:00

Turbo training: How to get the most out of every session

Endurance cyclist and 24hr time triallist Chris Hall shares his top five tips for getting the most out of your turbo training sessions, including what stats to measure, and the best kit to wear.
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Should you pedal at a high cadence?

A new study suggests spinning (cycling with a high cadence) is only beneficial for elites
19 February 2019 at 16:00

Improve your cycling technique for standing uphill climbs

Struggle to get, and stay, out of the saddle when trying to power up the hills? Only manage a few minutes before having to sit back down? Nik Cook has this session and advice
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Chrissie Wellington's favourite bike training session

This bike pyramid training session was a favourite of four-time Ironman world champ Chrissie Wellington.
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Sponsored: How to climb and descend in triathlon

Sponsored: The ultimate tips on riding uphill and down to prepare for hilly racing
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How to cycle in a headwind

Nik Cook explains how to cycle into a headwind and what you should be doing with your head/body position?
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70.3 bike tips and sessions from David McNamee

Ironman pro and Kona top 3 podium finisher David McNamee shares his top tips for smashing the middle-distance bike leg
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How to cycle past a horse and rider safely

In June 2018 video footage of triathletes cycling at speed past a horse and rider at Windsor Triathlon caused outrage and debate on a global scale. So to ensure a safe day out for all road users, here we explain how to pass a horse and rider safely.
22 June 2018 at 17:00

Bike interval training session: how to pace the bike leg

Push your limits with a set of block bike intervals and learn how to perfectly pace the bike leg part of your race
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How to get more aero on a road bike without aerobars

Tim Don explains how to get more aero on a road bike without using aerobars
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