How to improve your swim kick on dry-land

Here are three land-based swim drills that will improve your leg kick in front crawl
23 March 2020 at 12:46

Strength training for swimming: 6 key gym exercises

The following exercises have been designed to increase your range of motion and power so that every swim stroke you make becomes more dynamic and helps you cover more distance
20 March 2020 at 11:00

Chrissie Wellington on... Swim training out of the pool

Four-time Ironman champ provides some drills and gym exercises to keep your swimming on track

Covid-19 dry-land swim training ideas and videos for the home

Don't let coronavirus impact your swim training. Check out these videos for dry-land swim workout ideas, so your swim doesn't suffer during the current pandemic
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Improve your swim at home with these dry-land workouts

If you can’t get to the pool due to coronavirus you can still work on your swim strength. Here to help you build crucial swim endurance is Andy Blow
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Front crawl: what are the different stages of the stroke?

Greg Whyte explains the sequence of a good front crawl stroke and shares his top tips and drills
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What muscles do you use in front crawl?

Swimming front crawl is a great low-impact workout for the whole body. Here are the key muscles it particularly targets
10 March 2020 at 08:00

How to train for your first 3.8km swim

Going long for the first time? John Wood explains how to train for your first long-distance swim
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Swim session: how to improve your body position in front crawl

An improved body position in the water can set a strong foundation to make the rest of your stroke feel easier. Here's John Wood with the perfect session for improving that all-important body position
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Improve your sprint-distance swim

Sick of being last man Charlie out of the water? We’ve got the drills and tips you need to improve your sprint-distance swim and be ready for the bike leg
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Chrissie Wellington: how to increase swim speed and endurance for Ironman

Four-time Ironman world champ Chrissie Wellington offers six key tips on how to build up your swim to Ironman-distance

Swimming with paddles: a training session to develop power

How to use hand paddles correctly, to give your stroke an early-season power boost
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Swim session: Improve your turns

Gain ‘free speed’ for next season by perfecting your pool turns this winter
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Swim technique masterclass: refine your front crawl for race-day

Dermott Hayes shares 8 tips for honing your swim stroke for maximum gains with little effort on race-day
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Wim Hof Method: what it is and how it can help your swimming

Heard of the Wim Hof Method but don't know what it is? John Wood explains how this breathing method can help with the cold and stress of open-water swimming
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Winter mixed swim stroke workout

Strengthen your race-day front crawl by swimming mixed-stroke sets this winter and reap the rewards come next season
03 December 2019 at 15:01

How to improve your swim strength, stamina and speed with Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth have established themselves as a leading pioneer in swim coaching. Here are they share their essential drills, and advice to improve your swim strength, stamina and speed
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How to maximise your pool time to improve your swim

Specific session goals, regular intervals and shorter efforts are the secrets to an improved swim.
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Front crawl: How to get more out of each stroke

Super streamline your swim stroke this winter for faster swim times next season
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Winter pool swimming: how to survive and LOOK faster and more efficient against the opposition

You’ve finished racing for the year and want some time off. Fair enough! But how do you find the motivation to get back in the water? Our resident tri columnist and weekend warrior, Martyn Brunt, has these tips…
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